(Question on how to pack Mercury Lamps.)

Following DGR, we intend to forward by air Lamps containing mercury (3mg per lamp). In DGR (a) -2, it specifies that we need to use a strong outer packaging capable of passing a 1.2m drop test. Do we understand that the shipper must perform a 1.2m drop test and its result would approve air carriage. Do we have to use any specific outer packaging? (29 Feb 16)

Mercury lamps described in DGR must not contain more than 1g mercury per lamp, and not more than 30g of dangerous goods per package. Your lamp contains 3mg therefore as long as one package does not contain more than 30g, they are eligible for this rule. After ascertaining that the lamps are certified to a manufacturer’s quality management system, each lamp must be either individually packed in inner packaging, separated by dividers, or surrounded with cushioning material to protect the lamps, and packed in strong outer packaging meeting the general provisions of DGR and capable of passing a 1.2 meter drop test. The passing criteria is as descried in DGR

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