(Do we need to segregate EQ by Table 9.3.A?)

We know we must segregate regular quantity DG as well as LQ DG by using Table 9.3.A but do we need to segregate EQ DG by applying Table 9.3.A? Please advise.  (31 Jan 16)

Segregation must be done in two steps. For regular quantity DG, follow (a) where segregation must be made to avoid chemical reaction. You need sufficient knowledge of chemistry to apply this method. For instance, Class 8 with a high alkali nature and Class 8 with a high acid nature cannot go together. If mixed you will have an explosion. The manufacturer or the shipper would have technical knowledge so we will need to rely on them. Secondly, you segregate per (b) or Table 9.3.A which any layman can apply. Note that at the intersection of Class 8 and Class 8, there is no “X” but it requires segregation per (a).

For LQ DG, the process is the same. Firstly, segregate per chemical knowledge following (a), and, secondly, segregate per (b) or Table 9.3.A.

For Overpacks, segregation must be made following the same process. Refer to the first two and a half lines of where segregation must be done first by applying chemical knowledge. Thence apply the remaining part of by segregating per Table 9.3.A.

Finally, for EQ DG, see 2.6.1 Applicability. In the 4th bullet point, you will see that segregation per (a) is a “must”, whereas segregation by (b) or Table 9.3.A is not mentioned, therefore exempted.

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