(Dangerous goods with identical UN number but different technical name in brackets after the n.o.s. entry are packed in one package. How do we handle?)

To forward several UN 3082 Environmentally hazardous substances, liquid, n.o.s. with different technical names in brackets and to place them all in one package as “APIO”, is it necessary to show the words “All packed in one” on the Declaration?  (31 Dec 15)

As stipulated in DGR (h) 3rd bullet hole, if the UN number, packing group and the physical state (whether solid or liquid) are identical, and there are no other dangerous goods packed together, the Q calculation is not necessary. Needless to mention the total quantity must not exceed the limits of that particular UN number.

The technical name in brackets do not have to be the same. It is still an “All packed in one” therefore the words “All packed in one” must be indicated on the Declaration but a Q Value is not needed. Some forwarders and some airlines may not interpret the meaning of DGR (h) correctly. Note that the regulation does not stipulate that the PSN must be identical.

If questioned, explain that only the UN number, packing group and the physical state need to be identical, thence Q calculation is not needed. It is also true that shippers enter the Q value just to avoid unwanted questioning from the forwarders or airlines which may result in a delay in forwarding the package on the desired flight.

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