(Lithium battery operated SWEGWAY (drifting scooter) and HOVERBOARD (self-balancing scooter) are to be carried as Passenger baggage.)

Smart drifting scooter where the driver stands and moves by balancing himself on the 2-wheel device (known as SWEGWAY when having a steering rod, or HOVERBOARD without a steering rod as seen in the illustration) equipped with non-removable lithium battery are to be categorized as Portable Electronic Devices or as Wheel Chairs/Mobility Aids when carried by a passenger?

 (31 Dec 15)

SWEGWAYS and HOVERBOARDS and the like must be categorized as DGR Portable electronic devices when carried as passenger baggage. They should follow all the conditions spelled out in DGR Wheel chairs and Mobility aids are as defined in DGR specifically indicates hat they are for use by passengers whose mobility is restricted by either their disability, their health or age, or a temporary mobility problem (e.g. broken leg). Take note that the lithium battery allowance for Portable electronic device is limited at a low 100Wh.

HOVERBOARDS are one of the hottest gifts for the current holiday season, but it must be noted that due to frequent fires from its electric system, major U.S. carriers, as Delta, United, American, Alaska and JetBlue have recently banned their carriage.

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