(A question on Table 2.3.A Passenger Baggage.)

Cigarette Lighters if not containing free liquid inside is permitted on one’s person. Is this a correct interpretation of a “small cigarette lighter that does not contain unabsorbed liquid fuel, other than liquefied gas, intended for use by an individual when carried on the person” may be accepted as carried on one’s person?
Why non-flammable, non-toxic aerosols in Division 2.2, with no subsidiary risk are not permitted in carry-on baggage, whereas non-radioactive medicinal or toiletry articles are permitted? (30 Nov 15)

Lighters where the liquid fuel is unabsorbed and can be seen in liquid form in the fuel tank from the outside are such inexpensive throw-away plastic 10 cent lighters. Lighter fluids must be fully absorbed in cotton inside the fuel tank. One small cigarette lighter or one small packet of matches are permitted on one’s person. They must not be packed in the passenger’s briefcase or hand luggage.

In reference to the other question, ICAO is not permitting the use of aerosols by the passengers in the cabin. This is the reason why aerosols are only permitted in checked baggage. The use of non-radioactive medicinal or toiletry articles in the cabin by passengers are permitted.

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