(I have a question on batteries.)

We are a manufacturer of batteries, and we desire to ship a product containing UN2790. Should we handle the shipment following all the requirements for UN2790, or is there a separate UN number to identify our product? Our product is a completed item containing UN2790. Kindly give us guidance. (30 Nov 15)

A product containing UN 2790 Acetic acid solution manufactured by a battery manufacturer would most likely mean it must be a sort of a battery. When the List of Dangerous Goods shown in DGR 4.2 lists specific batteries, such as Lithium Batteries or Wet Batteries by name, you are to use that Proper Shipping Name and follow all conditions pertaining to that PSN. When there is no applicable name shown, and if the product is not a battery, that product should be shipped as UN3363 Dangerous Goods in apparatus rather than UN2790.

When shipping as UN 2790, you need to check the acid contents whether they are 10% or more but not exceeding 50%, or 50% or more but not exceeding 80%, the handling will differ. Unless you submit us your MSDS, we will not be able to provide a correct conclusion.

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