(It is a gas powered portable generator intended as passenger baggage.)

When I look at DGR Table 2.3.A, it says “okay” for checked baggage if it meets SP A70. When I read A70 it says “not subject to these Regulations when carried as cargo” and then it lists the conditions. Please guide me how to handle when it is shipped as passenger baggage? Also if the generator was new/never used, United Airlines says they will take the generator. (30 Nov 15)

As mentioned in Table 2.3.A and further mentioned in DGR, this item can be accepted as checked baggage if SP A70 is fully met. You may disregard the passage in SP A70 where it says: “are not subject to these Regulations when carried as cargo”. The baggage requirements is to satisfy SP A70 paragraphs (b) 1, 2, 3 and 4 for gas operated engines to qualify as okay for checked baggage.

Consequently an engine never used satisfies (b) 1 and therefore United’s accepting unused new generators is correct.

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