(From DGR Edition 57, outer packaging of lithium batteries must be strong and rigid. Please explain.)

From DGR Edition 57 (2016), outer packagings for lithium batteries must be of strong and rigid quality. To emphasize this requirement, a detailed table of what material types of outside packagings are required have been installed in Packing Instructions for Section IB and Section II. Material such as Fibreboard was installed. Does this mean we cannot continue to use cardboard boxes which we had been using. (30 Nov 15)

Fibreboard box and Cardboard box are apparently different, however, if you refer to the definition of Fibreboard box written in DGR 6.2.12, you will see that at the beginning of DGR it says: “Strong and good quality solid or double-faced corrugated fibreboard (single or multi-wall) must be used appropriate to the capacity of the box and to its intended use.” As long as it fits the purpose, single or multiple-wall corrugated fibreboard box (corrugated cardboard box) is permitted.

For further details, please refer to DGR 6.2.12. This time the emphasis is on “strong” and “rigid” quality. You must also abide with the 1.2 meter drop test explained in the Packing Instruction and must ascertain that it passes the required criteria.

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