(Would the purpose of use determine whether the Lithium battery is dangerous or not?)

Last year, we asked you about DGR on spare lithium batteries, and the answer was that the purpose would not determine whether the battery is dangerous or not. The new 56th Edition DGR has revised, and by reading the revised text, it appears that spare lithium batteries are confined to portable medical purpose equipment or electronic devices. Is my understanding correct? (30 Jun 15)

DGR which refers to spare lithium batteries do not confine the purpose of use. Subparagraph (a) does refer to electronic medical devices, and (b) mentions about lithium batteries used for cameras and the like, it contains personal games and others. The purpose of use would not determine whether the lithium battery is dangerous or not. For your information, according to Addendum No.2 dated 4 May 2015 to DGR 56th Edition, provisions on e-cigarettes have been introduced as Please refer to TOPICS on our web site.

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