(We have a question on how the declare empty UN 1072 Oxygen compressed.)

When we ship UN1072, we indicate the weight of the cylinder on the Declaration. When we want to ship an empty oxygen cylinder, can we ship it as a non-dangerous goods? How should we make the Declaration? Can we declare two empty cylinders as shown below?

1 Cylinder
Overpack used × 2

Please give us guidance. (30 Jun 15)

As stipulated in DGR, you must insert non-dangerous substances to totally nullify any dangerous substances remaining in the cylinder. Unless you do this, you will need to ship the empty oxygen cylinder as dangerous goods as spelled out in DGR In the latter case, the Declaration must be completed as indicated in DGR Step 6. (b) :

UN 1072 Oxygen compressed.  2.2 (5.1)  1 cylinder x XX kg.   200
     Empty uncleared.          Overpack used x 2
                        #A1234, B1234

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