(Can we pack Lithium metal batteries and Lithium ion batteries in one outer package?)

In one of the FAQs dated 31 Jan 2015, there was an answer saying a device containing lithium metal battery and another device containing lithium ion battery can be packed in one outer packaging. What about a single device containing both lithium metal and lithium ion batteries. Can this be packed, and if so, which Packing Instruction must be followed? And, what should we enter on the AWB, say there both satisfy Section II and not regulated. (01 Jun 15)

You can handle it in the same way as packing one device with lithium metal battery and another device with lithium ion battery. Since the batteries are both of Section II, consequently you need to satisfy both PI 967 Section II and PI 970 Section II. DGD is not required, and on the AWB you need to enter the names and entry requirements for both Lithium metal battery and Lithium ion battery.

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