(Is it permissible to ship prototype lithium cells?)

We want to ship a very small capacity prototype lithium ion cells by air. Is this possible? (31 May 15)

If the capacity of the lithium ion cell is less than 20Wh and provided the quantity does not exceed the quantity limits shown in Table 965-II for lithium ion cells/batteries, such small capacity lithium ion cells/batteries can be shipped as “Not Restricted” under PI 965 Section II.

However, if it is a prototype, the rule becomes stringent. If they have been tested and have been determined to conform to the quality level prescribed in UN Manual of Tests & Criteria subsection 38.3, they may be shipped as PI 965 Section II. Cells with less than 2.7Wh has no quantity limit but the net weight of cells in one package must not exceed 2.5 kg. If the cell is more than 2.7Wh but less than 20Wh, 8 cells can be packed in one package. Prototype cells are generally not tested according to UN standards, and to ship such non-tested prototype cells/batteries, the shipper must satisfy the conditions laid out in Special Provision SP A88.

All prototype cells/batteries and cells and batteries of a small scale production of less than 100 per annum must satisfy SP A88. The appropriate government permit must be obtained from the country of origin and a copy of such permit must accompany the shipment.

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