(Must workers driving pallets/containers containing dangerous goods from warehouse to shipside undergo DG training? )

Cargo handling at the airport is divided into palletizing/containerizing versus hauling such made up pallets/containers from the warehouse to shipside. We understand that the employees doing the unitization of pallets/containers involving dangerous goods require to be trained following Category 8 requirements, however, is it a requirement to train drivers who simply haul such build-up pallets/containers from the warehouse to shipside?  (31 May 15)

Requirements of training is spelled out in DGR 1.5 which must be followed. Airline and ground handling agent employees involved in the handling, storing and loading of cargo, mail and baggage require to be given DG Awareness Training of Category 8. Although there seem to be a slight difference in the interpretation by the State and also by airline, whatever is prescribed in DGR 1.5 is an obligation and must be followed. Drivers who simply haul made up pallets and containers from the warehouse to shipside still require to undergo DG Awareness Training of Category 8.

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