(Question on Lithium ion and metal batteries in bulk under Section II.)

Is it needed to indicate the UN number and PSN as stated in DGR 8.2.3 for Lithium ion or metal batteries prepared under Section II of PI 965 or PI 968 ? Also, please advise whether a formal acceptance is necessary using an Acceptance Check List ?  (30 Apr 15)

As stated in Section II of both PI 965 and PI 968, “Lithium ion (metal or metal alloy) cells or batteries meeting the requirements in this section are not subject to other additional requirements of these regulations except for ....”, therefore, the stipulations contained in DGR 8.2.3 on the entry of UN number and PSN do not apply.

An example of the AWB entry is illustrated in Figure 8.2.G on Page 696 of the DGR. The same phrase also applies to formal acceptance and the use of a check list. This is further evidenced in Table 9.1.A found on DGR page 699 where it clearly lists non-requirement of Acceptance Check List for Lithium metal or ion batteries prepared under Section II of PI 965 and PI 968.

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