(A question on SP A197.)

SP A197 had been inserted in DGR 56 Edition stating that if the quantity of EHS is less than 5L or 5kg, it may be shipped as “Not Restricted”. I understand a Shipper’s Declaration is not required, but what entry should we make on the AWB? Also may we use a UN specification package? Should we continue to use absorbment material with the inner packaging? (28 Feb 15)

If the quantity of EHS is less than 5L or 5kg for each inner packaging of a combination packaging or for a single packaging, SP A197 applies and the shipment is “Not Restricted”.

A shipper’s declaration is not necessary. On the AWB in the goods description box, you should enter “Not Restricted per SP A197”. UN specification outer packaging is not needed, however, there is no restriction in using a UN specification outer packaging. In order to avoid unwanted delays at time of airline acceptance as well as during airline loading, it is advisable to tape off the UN specification marking. Other than the exemption of the use of UN specification outer packaging, inner packagings must conform to the basic requirements for air transport, i.e, pressure differential (closures must be tightly secured with secondary means, use of absorbent material, etc.), temperature differential and vibration.

According to Addendum No. 1 to DGR 56 Edition issued on 8 Jan. 2015 (refer to TOPICS on this home page) where it says if the shipper desires to ship non-regulated EHS as dangerous goods he may do so but he must mark the shipment according to regulations and follow all requirements as a DG shipment.

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