(A question on Lithium Battery labels.)

When the Lithium Battery Handling Label and the CAO label is on different surfaces, should we reject the shipment? (31 Jan 15)

As a fundamental requirement, the size of the package must be of a size large enough to accommodate all the required markings and labels. It is also desired that all markings and labels be displayed on one single side surface so the markings and labels can be easily seen whether stacked in the warehouse or loaded on the aircraft to facilitate handling.

Packages prepared following Pl 965 Section lA and Section lB carry a requirement for a package large enough to accommodate all the markings and labels, however, for packages prepared according to Section ll, there is no requirement for the size of the package. When the package is not of an adequate size, the CAO label and the Lithium Battery Handling Label may appear on different surfaces.

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