(A substance contains 99% Butyl acetates. The substance is used for cleaning paints. Please guide us with the correct proper shipping name.)

There is a substance containing 99% UN 1123 Butyl acetates Class 3. The substance is used as paint cleaner. Please advise whether we should ship this substance as UN 1263 Paint related material Class 3. (31 Dec 14)

As stated in DGR, the step in selecting the Proper Shipping Name is in the order of (1) Single entry for well-defined substance, (2) Generic entry for well-defined group, (3) Specific entry from the n.o.s. Table 4.1.A, (4) General entry from the n.o.s. Table 4.1.A.

This case is a choice between UN 1123 Butyl acetates and UN 1263 Paint related material. UN 1123 Butyl acetates which falls under (1) is the correct choice. UN 1263 Paint related material falls under (2).

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