(Where do I look in the 49 CFR to find provisions for Limited Quantity packagings?)

When looking at the Dangerous Goods List 172.101 in the 49 CFR, I only see the quantity limits for passenger aircraft in Column (9A), and quantity limits for a CAO aircraft in Column (9B). Where in the 49 CFR can I find the quantity limits for LIMITED QUANTITY shipments? (30 Nov 14)

Please look at 173.27 General requirements for transport by aircraft in the 49 CFR. Please then go to (f) (2) Limited Quantity of that section. In (f) (2), you will be referred to Table 3. You will then scroll down and after Table 1 and Table 2, you will get to Table 3 Maximum Net Quantity of Each Inner and Outer Packaging for Material Authorized for Transport as Limited Quantity by Aircraft where you can find the quantity limits of the inner and outer packages for a LTD QTY package according to each Class and Division number. It may look awkward however since the LQ provision is outside of the UN specification, carriers in heart desire not to recognize the LQ system. This is the reason why LQ is dealt separately and not shown in 172.101.

For Excepted Quantities, 49 CFR do not use the EQ Code system. Please refer to 173.4a Excepted Quantities. (a) explains the conditions, (b) Authorized material, (c) inner packagings limits, and (d) outer packaging aggregate quantity limits.

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