(Only 4 items are permitted as “shipper-load” in DGR (56 Edition), whereas in (a) through (j), a total of 10 items are permitted as “shipper load”. Why is this disparity?)

In DGR, only 4 items are permitted to be unitized by the shipper, whereas in 10 items, (a) through (j), are permitted to be unitized by the shipper. Kindly explain this disparity. (30 Nov 14)

The 4 items listed in DGR are shipper-built ULDs that are fundamentally permitted. The 4 items are shown as (a) through (d) in DGR The others listed in, namely (e) through (j), are those by virtue of a condition set in their respective packing instructions are permitted to be unitized. You will see that there is a clause in each PI which reads: “nothing else applies except for …….” It was inappropriate to list these conditional items in the fundamental list of

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