(Is there are rule where the maximum quantities per package can be exceeded? )

Are there any circumstances under which the net quantity per package can be legally exceeded ? There is an A1 Special Provision shipment allowing an item not allowed on a Passenger Aircraft to be moved with the necessary permissions. There is also an A2 Special Provision allowing an item not permitted on Passenger & Cargo Aircraft to be carried on a Cargo Aircraft with the necessary approvals. These are legitimate examples where the original package limits are “zero” but where these limits can be exceeded. Are there any other rules that will allow the quantities per package to exceed limits? (31 Oct 14)

Yes, if you have an A1 approval, you would be able to ship material which are normally
forbidden on PAX aircraft to be allowed to move on a PAX aircraft. If you have an A2 approval, you may ship substance which are normally forbidden on a CAO aircraft. In both cases, there must be A1 or A2 indication in the corresponding Column M of the substance. This rule will not apply if Column M does not carry A1 or A2.

Many people do not notice but in both DGR Column J and DGR Column L, in the second from last sentence in both paragraphs, it says: “The maximum net quantities indicated may be exceeded only if specified in these Regulations, or as permitted with the approval of the appropriate national authority of the State of Origin and the State of the Operator.” This means that regardless of the absence of A1 or A2 in Column M, the net quantities on Column J and Column L may be exceeded if you get the Origin State and Operator’s State approvals.

I need to add however that the airline has the final say as indicated in DGR 1.2.4 (a); and 9.0. Before going through the red tape of securing the required governments\' approvals, it is wise to check with the carrier whether they would be willing to take the shipment when and if special approvals are obtained.

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