(Are Battery Packs dangerous goods?)

Acoording to the leaflet attached to the unit it says that it is a Lithum ion battery pack. It also says the Voltage is 15V and the current is 6.6Ah. Should this be declared as dangerous goods? (31 Oct 14)

If the Lithium ion battery pack has a Watt-hour rating in excess of 100Wh, it must be assigned to UN 3480 Lithium ion batteries and be shipped as regulated dangerous goods under Section IA of PI 965. Since the specification of this unit is 15V and 6.6Ah, the Wh rating is 15V x 6.6Ah = 99Wh. It is below 100 Wh, and it can be shipped either as Section IB of PI 965 as a semi-regulated shipment or under Section II of PI 965 as a non-regulated shipment. This depends on the number of cells and batteries contained in the battery pack. If the number of cells are less than 8, or the number of batteries are less than 2, it can be shipped as Section II (non-regulated shipment). If the numbers exceed 8 cells or 2 batteries, it will have to be shipped as Section IB under a semi-regulated basis.

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