(I have a question on the design of Class 9 hazard label.)

The hazard label for Class 9 has a horizontal line across the center of the label at the foot of the black bars. The US DOT PHMSA have issued a document HM-218F which gives a deadline date of October 1, 2014, thereafter Class 9 labels with the horizontal line will not be useable. How about ICAO/IATA rules? (31 Oct 14)

ICAO/IATA have changed the design of Class 9 hazard labels by eliminating the horizontal line across the center as well as designs of other hazard labels about 10 years ago. No deadline had been set, however when the old stock is depleted you are to change to the new labels. It is assumed that due to the lapse of 10 years, all old stock would have now been depleted. DGR states “All labels (hazard labels and handling labels) used on packages of dangerous goods, and overpacks containing dangerous goods, must conform in shape, colour, format, symbol and text, to the specimen designs reproduced in Subseection 7.3 and 7.4. Except as indicated, no variation in specification is permitted.”

In the Note, it further says: “Minor variation in the design of the symbol on labels or other differences such as the width of the vertical lines on labels as shown in these Regulations or in regulations of other modes, which do not affect the obvious meaning of the label, are acceptable. For example the hand shown on the Class 8 label may be shown with or without shading, the extreme right and left vertical lines on the Division 4.1 and Class 9 label may extended to the edge of the label or there may be some white space at the edge, etc.” Fundamentally, only the labels that conform to the specifications shown in 7.3 and 7.4 may be used. All old labels should have already been depleted.

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