(Please explain the difference between HOLD and COMPARTMENT as referred in the DGR.)

In DGR 9.3.13 it says 100kg maximum Polymeric beads can be loaded in an inaccessible hold. As with poison and foodstuffs, DGR states they must not be loaded in the same compartment. When translated into Japanese, there is no difference between the Japanese word for HOLD and COMPARTMENT. It is puzzling. Please explain the correct definition. (31 Oct 14)

A conventional wide body aircraft will have a larger HOLD, smaller COMPARTMENTS within a HOLD, a BAY (or POSITION) or SECTION subdividing the COMPARTMENT. In the DGR, they mainly refer to HOLD and COMPARTMENT.

A “HOLD” is a space confined by ceiling, floor and 4 walls used for carrying load; a “COMPARTMENT” is a space within a HOLD; a “BAY” or “POSITION” is a subdivision of a unitized/palletized compartment, i.e., ULD POSITION; and a “SECTION” is a subdivision of a non-unitized compartment, i.e, the net section of a bulk compartment.

Therefore a wide bodied freighter will have a large Main Deck HOLD, and in the Lower Deck, there are 2 HOLDS, i.e., FWD and AFT HOLD. The FWD HOLD is subdivided into 2 Compartments, namely FWD 1 and FWD 2. The AFT HOLD is subdivided into 3 Compartments, i.e., AFT 3, AFT 4 and the BULK Compartment.

A BAY or POSITION is a subdivision of a unitized (containerized/palletized) HOLD or COMPARTMENT indicating ULD Positions. A SECTION is a subdivision of a non-unitized compartment, i.e., the Bulk Compartment.

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