(Please explain the difference between CARGO HOLD and CARGO COMPARTMENT.)

I cannot recognize the difference between CARGO HOLD and CARGO COMPARTMENT. For instance, DGR 9.3.13 says 100 kg of Polymeric Beads is the limit you can put into an inaccessible HOLD. Whereas State Variation JPG-11 says Radioactive Material and Class 1 Explosives must not be loaded in the same COMPARTMENT. The Japanese translation uses the same Japanese word for HOLD and COMPARTMENT which adds to the confusion.  (30 Sep 14)

DGR 9.3.13 refers to the larger HOLD. A HOLD is a dedicated space with a floor, a ceiling and 4 walls. On a passenger aircraft, there are two HOLDS in the lower deck, one in the Forward section (FWD HOLD) and another one behind the wing, the AFT HOLD. On a freighter, there is another large HOLD on the main deck. A COMPARTMENT is a divided portion of the HOLD. The FWD HOLD has two COMPARTMENTS, FWD ONE and FWD TWO. The AFT HOLD has three COMPARTMENTS, AFT THREE, AFT FOUR and the BULK COMPARTMENT. The Japanese Government State Variation JPG-11 uses the word COMPARTMENT but they truly meant HOLD. Therefore, if you load Radioactive Material in the FWD HOLD, you must load Explosives in the AFT HOLD. The limit of Polymeric Beads will be 100 kg in the FWD HOLD and 100 kg in the AFT HOLD.

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