(We showed “KG” in capital letters on the Declaration, and the carrier told us to change to “kg” in small characteers.)

On the declaration we entered 2 Fibreboard Boxes X 15 KG and showed the letters “KG” in capital letters. The airline said capital “K” stands for “Kelvin” and capital “G” stands for “Gross Mass. As it clearly indicates in DGR Appendix B.2.2.1, the abbreviation for Kilograms is “kg” in small letters. They rejected the shipment and we could not load it on the reserved flight. We think this is absurd. (30 Sep 14)

Is there such an airline? I cannot believe such sophisticated approach. Ten out of ten chances, I think there will not be a single person who would read “KG” as “Kelvin - Gross Weight”. Moreover, when the letters “KG” is associated with a phrase “2 Fibreboard boxes X 15 KG”, every person will read it as “kilogram”. Although the Regulation uses “kg” in small letters, I do not think there is any serious problem in using “KG”, or “Kg” or “kg” for “kilogram”. This can be treated as one of the allowable “minor discrepancies” not affecting the safety of operations.

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