(A question on indication of quantity on multiple package shipment with identical contents.)

20 kg each of UN 3077 is packed in one Steel drum (overpacked) and 2 Fibreboard boxes. The contents are all identical.
The document was made as:

1 Steel drum X 20 kg
Overpack used
2 Fibreboard boxes X 20 kg

The type of packaging is not the same but the contents are all identical. Per DGR (c), we need not indicate the quantity on the packages however depending on the airline, they have differing interpretations with same airlines rejecting the shipment. (30 Sep 14)

If the Steel drum is not overpacked, all is clear, and there is no need to indicate the quantity on the packages. However, as the Steel drum is overpacked, it poses a slightly complicated picture. The regulation does not prohibit the entry of quantities, The basic requirement of DGR (c) is that the quantity “must” be indicated on the packages and provides exceptions to three bullet points. The purpose of the Dangerous Goods Regulation is to make everything clear and understandable to whoever is handling the shipment. In the current case, it is better for clarity to indicate the quantity on each of the packages. You must not forget the objective of the Regulation which is to transmit a clear and easy to understand message, and therefore must apply the rules logically.

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