(Question on “All packed in one” for LTD QTY cargo.)

Class 9 UN 3077 0.0003kg PI Y956 and Class 3 UN 1993 0.65L PI Y344 are to be packed together in one outer LQ packaging. The airline rejected the shipment and demanded that we must enter the Q value. Class 9 do not have to be considered for Q value calculation, and since there is only one item for Q calculation, I understood that there is no need to show the Q value although we would check whether the quantity is within limits. Please advise whether we are mistaken. (31 May 14)

As shown in Figure 8.1.I – Example 5, when there is only one item, there is no need to show the Q value. The DGD is to be written as follows:

UN 1993 Class 3  0.65L   Y344
UN 3077 Class 9  0.0003kg  Y956
         All packed in one fibreboard box
         Total Gross Weight 12 kg G

Please look at DGR Figure 8.1.H – Example 4 as well as Figure 8.1.I – Example 5.
Q calculation rule for LTD QTY is written in DGR (e) and (f).

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