(Need clarification on how to make AWB entry for Lithium Batteries of Section II.)

Section II of PI 965 through PI 970 states that we must enter: “Lithium (ion or metal) batteries in compliance with Section II of PI 965 (or 966, 967, 968, 969 and 970)”. Now in DGR 8.3.2 “Shipper’s Declaration not Required”, you need to enter UN number, PSN and the number of packages involved. How should make the entry? (31 May 14)

You need not follow DGR 8.3.2. Section II of all lithium battery packing instructions (PI 965 through PI 970) start with the clause: “Lithium cells and batteries meeting the requirements in this section are not subject to other requirements of these Regulations except for (a), (b), (c).” This means you only need to follow what is written in Section II. There is no need to follow DGR 8.3.2.

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