(Need guidance on interpreting Special Provisions A4 and A5.)

Special Provision SP A4 states that liquids with a vapor inhalation toxicity of PG I is forbidden for passenger and cargo aircraft. Furthermore, SP A4 states liquids with a mist inhalation toxicity of PG I is prohibited on passenger aircraft. In regard to SP A5, solids with an inhalation toxicity of PG I is dealt. If the regulation precisely states vapor inhalation toxicity, do we understand we do not have to refer to other inhalation toxicities? Likewise, if it specifies inhalation toxicity, there is no need to refer to vapor inhalation toxicity? Kindly confirm. (30 Apr 14)

Yes, correct. When it says vapor inhalation toxicity, you need not consider inhalation toxicity of mist and dust. If it specifies inhalation toxicity of mists and dust, you need not consider vapor inhalation toxicity. SP A5 refers only to inhalation toxicity, and there is no need to consider vapor inhalation toxicity.

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