(Please give me guidance on Operator Variation MH-13.)

MH-13 requires submission of MSDS for shipment of dangerous goods. It however exempts Engines, Machinery, Equipment and Vehicles from this requirement. In the DGR 4.2 List of Dangerous Goods, I can only see UN 3166 for Engines and Vehicles, UN 3268 for Machinery and Equipment. Are there any other UN numbers assigned for equipment and vehicles? (31 Mar 14)

MH-13 exempts Class 7, Vehicles (UN 3166 and UN 3171), Dangerous goods in apparatus or machinery (UN 3363), ID 8000 (Consumer commodity), Magnetized material (UN 2807), Carbon, dioxide, solid (Dry ice) (UN 1845) and Division 6.2 (Infectious substances) from the requirement of MSDS. All other substances and articles require submission of MSDS.

Naming some of the others, for machinery, there is Refrigerating machines (UN 3358, UN 2857), and for engines, there are Rocket Engines (UN 0186, UN 0250, UN 0280, UN 0281, UN 0322, UN 0395, UN 0396). All these are not exempted from the requirement of MSDS. There are other machinery and equipment in the List of Dangerous Goods but MH-13 is only exempting those listed above from the requirement for MSDS.

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