(Why have Forbidden items such as UN1327 Hay, Straw, Bhusa and others been added to the DG List in the 55th Edition?)

What is the reason for adding such items as UN1327 Hay Div. 4.1; UN1327 Straw Div. 4.1; UN1857 Textile waste, wet Div.4.2 and others to the DG List, and these are all marked Forbidden? (28 Feb 14)

The purpose is to make DGR 4.2 a complete list of dangerous goods. 55th Edition now carries all 14 items which have been assigned UN numbers but were not shown on the DG List. Forwarders are engaged in all modes of transportation whether it be air, sea or land. They get puzzled when they cannot find the items in the ICAO/IATA DG List (air) although shown in the IMDG (ocean) or ADR (land) list. In order to relieve such unnecessary trouble, ICAO/IATA decided to show all such items which have UN numbers already assigned. The 55th Edition now carries a complete DG list. All these items are Forbidden for air transport. Among these items, there is one item which is an exception. This is UN 3496 Batteries, nickel metal hydride. It is marked Forbidden but it applies only for sea transport. SP A806 has been added to explain that the item is Forbidden for sea transport. For air transport, it can be carried as “Not Restricted” provided SP A123 is strictly followed by avoiding short circuit and also preventing accidental activation. The AWB must be marked “Not Restricted as per SP A123”.

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