(A question on Empty Packagings dealt in DGR

In reference to Empty Packagings dealt in DGR, it says if the packagings have not been cleaned, thence all applicable markings, labels as well as placards must be applied. What kind of “placard” should be applied? I checked the DGR but could not find any explanation about a placard.  (28 Feb 14)

The provision of DGR means that if the empty packaging is not cleaned, thence all markings and labels which are on the packagings must not be removed. It does not mean that you need to add new marks, labels and placards to the packaging. If there is a placard on the package, it is saying not to remove it. All identifications, markings, labels, placards and everything shown on the packaging must not be removed but must remain intact on the packaging if the empty packaging is not cleaned.

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