(I have a few questions on DG Qualification)

(1) I failed to take a recurrent course during the validity of the current certification. Do I have to take an initial course from the beginning?
(2) I failed the test. Can I just take another test?
(3) My certification had expired. May I handle dangerous goods prior to renewing my certificate?
(4) I have a valid Category 3 certificate. Can I take a Category 6 recurrent course to renew my Cat 3 certificate?
(5) Is there a set qualification to take an initial course?
 (31 Jan 14)

(1) You must take an initial course from the beginning. To give you enough choice there is a 3 months advance period during when you can take a recurrent course.
(2) No, you cannot just take the test. You will need to attend a full initial or a full recurrent course and take the test.
(3) Non-qualified person must not handle dangerous goods. Dangerous goods are to be handled by qualified person or under strict supervision of a qualified person.
(4) No,you are not eligible to take a Category 6 recurrent course. You will either have to take a Category 6 initial course or take a Category 3 recurrent course.
(5) Yes, you must have basic knowledge and experience in international air cargo transportation. A 2 to 3-year experience with international air cargo is desired to understand the DG course as the course covers how to handle and transport dangerous goods by air.

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