(Please explain how to enter the quantity on the Declaration.)

When the maximum quantity column of the Dangerous Goods List show “No Limit” or the Packing Instruction number, how should we enter the actual quantity on the Declaration. For example, in the case of UN 3164 Articles, pressurized pneumatic, should we enter the quantity in kilograms or litres (31 Dec 13)

Please refer to Step 6 of DGR 55 Edition (2014). When the words “No Limit” or the Packing Instruction number is shown in the maximum quantity column, you are to enter the quantity either in kilograms or litres depending on what it says in the relevant Packing Instruction or Special Provision, if any. In the case of UN 3164, both SP A114 and PI 208 refers to litres therefore the actual net quantity to be shown on the Declaration will be in litres.

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