(Please advise whether there is a filling ratio specified for UN drums and jerricans.)

Packing instructions show the maximum weight (kilograms) or the maximum volume (litres) for drums and jerricans. Is there a specific filling ratio tht we must observe? For instance, can we put 5L into a UN 5L jerrican, or should we leave some ullage? (31 Dec 13)

As stated in DGR Ullage, sufficient ullage must be considered in filling a drum or a jerrican with liquids. Pressure at sea level and the pressure experienced in the cargo hold of an aircraft at cruising altitude would show a pressure differential of about 25kPa. It would theoretically mean that a 25% ullage would be desirable.

Needless to state, for air transportation, it is a prerequisite that the packaging material must be of such strength that it would endure a pressure differential of 95kPa. As stated in DGR (c), the contents of the inner packagings must not exceed the inner packaging limits of the Packing Instructions shown in columns G, I and K of the List of Dangerous Goods. The quantity inside the packagings must not exceed the design limit of the packaging itself.

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