(The words “Poison Gas” and “Poison” have disappeared from the Text of Label Samples in Section 7 of the 55th Edition. Kindly explain why?)

Figure 7.3.7 Div. 2.3 in the 55th Edition, no longer show the words “Poison Gas” in the TEXT. Likewise, Figure 7.3.14 Div. 6.1, the words “Poison” is not shown in the TEXT. Only, the words “Toxic Gas” and “Toxic” are shown. Was there a change? (31 Dec 13)

In 2008, ICAO adopted the GHS (United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals – ST/SG/AC.10/30/Rev. 4). Since 5 years have already elapsed, ICAO has decided to switch completely to the GHS definitions. The triangle design at both ends of the hazard label of Div. 4.1, the design of Class 9 hazard label, the skull with closed mouth for Div 2.3 and Div. 6.1 labels are some examples of the GHS labels. Not related to the GHS, ICAO took this opportunity ti drop the long dragged ancient terminology of Poison. The correct nomenclature are Toxic Gas and Toxic.

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