(Edition 55 DGR stipulates that DGD will become required for shipping lithium batteries only. I have a question on filling the DGD.)

The 55th Edition stipulates that both lithium ion batteries and lithium metal batteries when shipped per Section IB, a DGD will be necessary. An example is shown as Figure 8.1.P. The procedure is written in Step 8 where it says, the letters “IB” must follow the Packing Instruction number. Figure 8.1.P illustrates the letters “IB” in the Authorization column. Please explain which entry is correct, and which rule we should follow.  (30 Nov 13)

Both are correct. The rule says the letters “IB” must be shown following the Packing Instruction number. The rule is written to fit both the manual form and the computer produced form. Some of the computer programmed forms are unable to print the letters “IB” in the Packing Instruction column and therefore flexibility is allowed to accommodate such cases. As stated in (b), the information must be entered in sequence and should be within the columns provided. There is flexibility with the use of the columns. The letters “IB” must be written following the Packing Instruction number but could be in the next column if space or programming does not permit.

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