(This is a question pertaining to Table 1.5.A in the 55 Edition where Flight Operations Officer and Flight Dispatcher are added to Training Requirements for Category 10.)

In DGR (b) of the 55 Edition, it says a copy of the NOTOC must be given to the Flight Operations Officer or the Flight Dispatcher. Furthermore, in DGR 1.5, since the Flight Operations Officer and/or the Flight Dispatcher will be involved with the contents of the NOTOC, training as Category 10 becomes necessary. This portion relating to training requirement is not shown in ICAO Technical Instructions. Why is this? (30 Nov 13)

First of all, not necessarily the Flight Operations Officer, the Flight Dispatcher or the ground personnel in charge of flight operations should be given a copy of the NOTOC. It means that they must be given the same information as contained in the NOTOC. Of course, it can be the NOTOC itself, or access to a computer-stored NOTOC information. Many airlines now process and store NOTOC data in the computer. As long as the Flight Operations Officer can have access to such NOTOC information in the computer system, that satisfies the requirement. In reference to the training requirement, this will be included in the ICAO Technical Instructions 2015-2016 Edition.

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