(Can 10 units of Lithium battery-installed AED carried as carry-on baggage?)

A passenger wants to hand carry 10 units of AED (Heart starter), each unit installed with lithium battery containing 5.03 grams. How many units can one passenger carry? Please also explain how to interpret DGR (30 Nov 13)

Per DGR 54 Edition (valid until 12/31/2013) Portable Medical Electronic Devices such as AEDs which contain lithium batteries (not more than 8g lithium contents for lithium-metal and not more than 160Wh for lithium-ion batteries) may be carried as checked baggage. There is no quantity limits per passenger however 10 units would be bulky and not suitable for cabin storage. I would recommend these be accepted as checked baggage and stored in the cargo compartment. As for spare batteries, up to two spare batteries are permitted per passenger but must be in carry-on cabin baggage. All these batteries must have been tested per UN Manual of Tests & Criteria, Part III, subsection 38.3.

Effective from 1/1/2014, the 55 Edition comes into force. Lithium batteries must have been tested under UN Manual of Tests & Criteria, Fifth Revised Edition, Part III, Subsection 38.3. Batteries tested per Fourth Revised Edition can no longer be transported after 1/1/2014..

Furthermore, with the 55 Edition, Portable Medical Electronic Devices in will be relocated to in the group of Carry-on Baggage only. Effective 1/1/2014, AEDs will be allowed only for carry-on baggage. They cannot be in checked baggage.

For Medical devices dealt in DGR (lithium contents not more than 2g; lithium-ion not more than 100Wh) may continue to be accepted as checked baggage.

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