(Is there a case where the EHS mark must be shown on an airborne LQ package?)

According to DGR, the EHS mark is required for single packagings and combination packagings where the single packaging contents or the inner package contents exceeds 5kg for solids (UN3077) and 5L for liquids (UN3082). Is there a case where an EHS mark would be required for an LQ package? (30 Nov 13)

No, there will be no need for LQ packages to bear the EHS mark. PI Y956 (solids) and PI Y964 (liquids) both do not allow single packagings, They permit combination packagings but the inner package maximum is 5kg and 5L respectively. Therefore, there would be no occasion for the EHS mark to appear for UN 3077 and UN 3082 on a LQ package. The EHS mark will be necessary when using UN specification PAX and CAO packages, i.e., PI 956 and PI 964.

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