(I have a question on Batteries, wet, without electrolyte and fully discharged.)

DGR 4.2 List of Dangerous Goods show Batteries, wet, without electrolyte and fully discharged with no UN number, PSN printed in light type, a dagger symbol and indicated Not Restricted. Appendix A says: “(They) are usually wet type batteries which have been shipped from the factory in their original dry state with the intent that electrolyte would be added just before placing the batteries in service. They may also be wet batteries from which the electrolyte has been removed. In this latter instance the cells should be thoroughly flushed with water and allowed to drain before shipping.” Consequently, does it mean that unless we abide to the conditions set forth in the Appendix, the item cannot be considered as Not Restructed? Do we have to alert the airline by some entry of the DGD that these conditions have been met? (31 Oct 13)

Yes, you will need to comply with the conditions spelled out in Appendix A. In addition to the words: “Batteries, wet, without electrolyte and fully discharged” and “Not Restricted”, it is advisable to add “No electrolyte contained” or “Flushed with water and fully drained” according to the merchandise to avoid unwanted interrogation which may result to a delay of the shipment.

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