(Please explain UN3496 Batteries, nickel-metal hydride in Edition 55.)

So far, Batteries, nickel-metal hydride UN3496 was only regulated when shipping via marine transport. May we assume that there is no restriction for air transport except for abiding with SP A123? (05 Oct 13)

UN 3496 is regulated only for sea transport. The newly added SP A806 states that this new entry is only applicable for sea transport and for air transport, shipments may go air provided SP A123 is followed. In order to make 4.2 List of Dangerous Goods complete, with Edition 55, many unlisted UN numbers were added to the list. They are generally restricted for air transport, such as UN 1327 Hay or Straw, UN 1372 Fibres, animal or Fibres, vegetable、UN 1857 Textile waste, wet and others. These are all forbidden for air transport. UN 3496 is the only exception, and it can fly as long as SP A123 is followed.

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