(A further question on dry batteries under SP A123.)

A previous question on Dry Batteries per SP A123 appeared last month in this Q&A column. This is a related question. What if the manufacturer does not allow removal of the dry batteries from the device. How should we avoid accidental activation? When the dry battery cannot be removed, would binding the switch be sufficient to prevent accidental activation? If shipping just the dry batteries, is the 4-piece vinyl pack as commonly used in the retail market acceptable as insulation? (30 Sep 13)

If the dry batteries cannot be removed from the device, secure the switch tight so the device would not activate accidentally. Accidental activation can be prevented by either removing the dry batteries or by tightly securing the switch. For shipment of just the dry batteries, you must avoid random loose packing.

Local retail 4-piece vinyl pack is acceptable but each pack must be securely and neatly packed in the inner package so the individual packs would not move around during transport.

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