(Please guide us whether this lithium battery in question is dangerous or not.)

We are a forwarder. One of our customers tendered a Rivet Gun with its battery. The battery says Lithium Ion 14.4V and 1.5Ah on the outside. We cannot tell whether it is dangerous or not. We need your guidance.  (30 Sep 13)

Your explanation does not specify whether the battery is a cell or a battery. If it says 14.4V and 1.5Ah on the outside casing, the watt-hour rating is 21.6Wh. Your explanation does not say whether the item is packed with the rivet gun or whether the cell/battery is already installed in the rivet gun. Let’s say if it is a cell, it exceeds the 20Wh limit, so it would have to be shipped as Class 9 dangerous goods and use PI 966 Section I if packed together, and PI 967 Section I if already installed. If the item is a battery, the limit is 100Wh, therefore this 21.6Wh battery can be shipped as Not Restricted.

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