(Packing Instruction approves a 4G outer packaging however in the Additional Packing Requirements, it stipulates that the packaging material must not ignite. We gather we cannot use a 4G outer packaging?)

Packing Instruction PI 565 applicable for UN 3356 Oxygen generator, chemical allows 4G as outer packaging however in subparagraph (c) of Additional Packing Requirements it says, 2. the packaging material must not ignite, and 3, the surface temperature must not exceed 100℃. We observe incoming shipments are using plywood soaked in gypsum-like substance, and also packaging material covered with aluminum sheets. Must we consider that an ordinary 4G outer packaging is not suitable for this purpose? (31 Aug 13)

As clearly spelled out in DGR, ““Even though certain packagings are specified in individual packing instructions it is, nevertheless, the responsibility of the shipper to ensure that such packagings are, in every way, compatible with the articles or substances to be contained in such packagings.” A common 4G will not be able to satisfy the requirements of the additional packing requirements.

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