(Please guide us on how to enter the package description on the Declaration.)

A package description on a shipper’s declaration was entered as 1 Plastic Composite X 15kg. Shouldn’t this be entered as 1 Composite Packaging X 15kg? Should we reject this shipment as an improperly prepared declaration? (31 Jul 13)

When entering the package description on the declaration, the rule is to enter the number of package(s), the material of the package, the shape of the package and the contents of one package, in the order mentioned. The name of the package would be according to the capital letter entries as shown in DGR Table 5.0.C, i.e., Steel Drum, Fibreboard Box, Wooven Plastic Bag, etc. For composite packagings, it should be entered as Composite Packaging as shown on Table 5.0.C. It can be entered as Plastic Composite Packaging describing the material of the inner liner.

Even if the word Packaging was abbreviated and indicated as Plastic Composite, it still serves its purpose to describe the packaging. It is just as same as nos being accepted in lieu of n.o.s. without the full stops. The absence of the word Packaging does not jeopardize safety and should not be regarded as reason to reject the shipment.

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