(We were told that State Variations for Japan had been amended in 2010. Why is the amendment not reflected in the IATA DGR?)

We have been informed that the Japanese State Variations JPG-20 and JPG-21 had been fully cancelled in 2010. Why are the changes not reflected in the IATA DGR? Due to lack of information, there are some confusion at work level.  (30 Jun 13)

In 2010, the Japanese Government Civil Aviation Bureau had notified UN ICAO of the changes to the Japanese State Variations, however, for some unknown reason, UN ICAO overlooked the changes. Japanese CAB reminded ICAO and finally the changes have been reflected in IATA’s Addendum III dated 28 May 2013 to IATA DGR 54th Edition. The changes cover amendments to JPG-2 and JPG-17 as well as the total deletion of JPG-20 and JPG-21. Please refer to the English text of Addendum III shown in the TOPICS column of this website.

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