(In Item 14 of the MSDS it says there is no applicable UN number while the contents of the MSDS suggests it must be a hazardous substance. Should we believe what the MSDS says?)

The MSDS provided hints that the substance have various hazardous properties, however, Item No. 14 of the MSDS says there is no applicable UN number and it is not hazardous material. Is it safe to trust the MSDS as written? (30 Jun 13)

If the MSDS is prepared in accordance with the stipulations of the United Nations publication: “Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals” (GHS) we can say that it is a trustworthy document. Within the EU some items are categorized as an “IRRITANT” and are treated accordingly within the EU however these are not classified as dangerous goods per ICAO/IATA criteria.

When a reputable firm is providing a MSDS made in accordance with the GHS, we would say it can be trusted. If still in doubt, it is advisable that you contact the competent ministries for clarification.

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