(Please explain Vapor Inhalation Toxicity given in Table 3.6.B.)

Here is a toxic substance. The vapor inhalation toxicity is stated as LC50 300mL/m3 and saturated vapor concentration V is 200. According to Table 3.6.B, we take that this is PG I. Am I correct? (30 Jun 13)

According to DGR Table 3.6.B the following criteria must be met to be categorized as PG I. Firstly, LC50 must be below 1,000mL/m3. The substance in question is 300mL/m3 so it satisfies this criterion.

Saturated vapor concentration should be more than 10 X LC50. The substance in question is LC50 300, therefore 10 X 300 is 3,000 and would also satisfy the other criterion.

Thus, this substance is PG I.

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