(Dry ice has been packed as refrigerant for a shipment of non dangerous goods. We are assuming a Class 9 label is not necessary.)

In shipping non-dangerous goods, we have used dry ice as refrigerant. We are assuming a Class 9 hazard label is not needed on the package. Kindly confirm. (31 May 13)

Whether you are cooling non-dangerous goods such as meat or marine products or cooling dangerous goods, if dry ice is contained in the package, the outer package must carry the Class 9 hazard label. The outer packaging containing dry ice must carry the following marks and label:

(1) UN 1845 and the PSN, Dry Ice or Carbon dioxide, solid;
(2)The net weight of dry ice – e.g. Net Weight 10kg;
(3)Class 9 label must be affixed.

DGR reference is (g).

When using dry ice to cool non-dangerous goods, a DGD is not necessary, however, the AWB must carry the information covering dry ice, i.e., UN 1845, PSN, number of packages X net weight of dry ice in each package.
Whether cargo or baggage, the package must be designed so that the build up of gas inside can be released.

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